Saturday, December 19, 2009


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"Ro" for short


"Conn" for short

As a Jane Austen fan, I should know that first impressions are not always true. So it is with our new cats. The one who was first shy has proven to be outgoing, flirty, and very affectionate. The one who initially bore his bravery boldly is now easily frightened and cautious. Of course, he has been nursing an eye infection that we have had to treat with eye drops. And his instant bravery with the dog brought on a few skirmishes that may have tempered his will.

They have the run of the entire house now and have been exploring every single inch of it (when they are not sleeping together underneath my son's bed). We heard noises all night as they jumped here and there on shelves, bedside tables, and laundry hampers. We are all adjusting to new schedules during the holidays. When we decorated the Christmas tree yesterday, we opted not to put anything fragile on the branches.

We have named the cats after wizardly characters in Sarah Prineas's books The Magic Thief and Lost. As a family, we have read these books and loved them, and we are eagerly anticipating the third book this May just as we waited for each new Harry Potter release. My husband and I first wanted to name them Mulder and Scully because we have been recently finishing the last few seasons of The X-Files. The children, however, vetoed this option. Ro and Conn are better names to which we all have a connection. Wizards and cats go together, don't you think?

In the books, Conn is a wizard's apprentice and a former pick-pocket. He sometimes transforms into a cat to gather secret information and escape from tricky situations. Rowan is the daughter of a duchess who attends school with other young wizards-in-training. She desperately wants to be a wizard, but she is not an apprentice. Together, they make quite a team as they battle evil magic in the city of Wellmet and beyond. We've decided that our dog, Bailey, should also be nicknamed "Nevery" after Conn's reluctant tutor for wizardry.

P.S. My favorite part of yesterday was watching Conn find the sunlight streaming through the front windows. I don't imagine he has seen sunlight for about 6 months or so.

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Jen said...

I can't wait to meet them! And I may have to join Conn in his little sunbeam - how warm and inviting! I love how grey cat fur sparkles in the sun!