Thursday, December 24, 2009


Rowan and Conn are beginning to feel more at home each day as they find places to nest all over the house. They like to be snuggled and held like babies for as long as we are willing to sit with them in a nest of arms and legs. In December when both my of my children were born, it is a happy reawakening of times past. That the children can hold them like this, too, and they don't try to run away is so special for them as well.

From babies to this: working on a Christmas play for grandparents who arrive today. It has been a several-day process that started with a couple of cardboard boxes, some paints, and a Santa hat for inspiration. From what I can tell, it promises to be an elaborate show with costumes, props, narration, dialogue, and a set. There are tickets and programs already made. I especially like that I have not had to help one bit-- it is entirely their own creative project from start to finish. It has kept them happily occupied while I've been busy getting the house ready and making things of my own.

Speaking of making things, this a another card idea that I played around with yesterday off and on. These are photos of my maple tree in all different seasons-- spring, summer, fall, and winter.

I woke up thinking about "nesting" this morning-- that crazy time that expectant mothers experience just before the baby comes. We clean, we organize, we get things ready. I remember washing the baseboards before my son came. I've still got some cleaning and cooking to do today. I'll probably try to organize a few things here and there. I'll find a few moments to work on the knitting projects I would like to finish for Christmas. It strikes me that this season and this day, Christmas Eve, is partly about nesting as we get ready for a baby born each year anew.

Merry Christmas, friends.
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