Monday, December 21, 2009

'Round the Sun

Over the weekend, we did our solstice greening. It was hard to wait. All through December, my children asked, "When are we going to decorate our house? Everyone else is already enjoying Christmas."

My refrain: "Soon. After school gets out. During solstice weekend. When Advent is almost over."

As we were "greening" on Saturday at home and on Sunday at church, I asked my daughter if she was glad that we waited. Her reply: "Yes, because now we have something special to do right now, and we are not tired of everything already." Downtown, I looked across the street at the Governor's Mansion and commented that all of their wreaths and swags were already brown and dry. The ones we hung on the Cathedral gates and doors were fresh and green-- as they should be for Christmas.

It is so nice to have this two-week pause at the end of the year to spend with family and friends-- baking, cooking, eating, making, playing, reading, and wondering. Merry Solstice.

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