Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday. . .

we made a short trip up The Natchez Trace to visit Cypress Swamp Trail. It was an antidote to the new electronic gadgets that are in our lives since Christmas and to the next few days of rain we are expecting. Since the Wii, I have found myself consciously arranging time outdoors-- a family walk at the nearby city fitness trail, a freezing trip to the zoo, and this little trek to see the cypress trees. This trail was very nice and had thoughtful markers along the way to help the walker notice, ponder, and listen. One of the markers asked hikers to consider what noise a monarch butterfly might make if we could hear it speak.

Today. . .

we are celebrating a certain girl's birthday-- 10 years old! It seems like it was just yesterday that we woke up at 4:00 am to make the drive to a Memphis hospital from Tunica, MS. I was scheduled to be induced at 6:00 am, and she arrived at 10:40 am. I am so proud of the person she is and is becoming. Age 10 seems like a milestone-- or like a marker along a trail.

Below, Rowan has been mystified by the birthday bouquet since they appeared on the table last night-- a special gift from the birthday girl's daddy. First thing this morning, I made the collaged card from photos throughout the last 10 years to put in front of the flowers. We had homemade waffles for breakfast, are having a friend over to play this afternoon, and will have yellow cake with chocolate frosting tonight.

Yesterday we only needed one candle. Today we need 10!

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Jen said...

Happy Birthday to the special girl!