Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Christmas Play

Christmas Eve


sister and brother

Suzie Elf and Santa

Santa's Workshop
Rooftops and Chimneys
Back to Santa's Workshop

On the second day of Christmas, our family was treated to an original play written, directed, and acted by other members of the family. It was brilliant! Besides the homemade chimney set prop, the children used the wooden rocking chair in the den turned sideways as the sleigh. If Bailey had cooperated, they might have even had a reindeer. As it was, the reindeer and whip were imaginary and pantomimed.

The programs listed the cast and scenes. The ushers (members of the cast) took our tickets, cut them in half, and directed us to our numbered seats on the sofa and chair. Thank goodness photography was allowed at this play.

There was conflict and drama immediately in scene 1 as Suzie Elf explained to Santa that the presents were scattered everywhere and might not be ready for delivery. Together, they gathered the presents and shared some hot chocolate from Mrs. Claus to put everyone in a better mood. Next, they loaded the sleigh and went off to deliver presents through many chimneys. Santa slid (or jumped) down the chimney, and Suzie Elf handed him the presents from the rooftop to put under the trees. After all of their hard work, they returned to the workshop for another mug of hot chocolate.

Finally, the actors bowed to much applause and rave reviews for their job well done.

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Sarah Campbell said...

Hooray. Mom has some memorabilia from our thanksgiving play. Gobble me. Gobble you. Be careful you don't catch the flu.

Jen said...

Bravo! What a delight!