Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blogging Self-Portrait

This is the third blog post I am writing this rainy Saturday morning. I have done nothing beside make two cups of tea, play with photo software to combine and upload images, reflect, and write. I am still in my pajamas.

The images above were taken yesterday at Casey Elementary. I had spent the morning with several other parents hanging up student work. When we were done, a couple of us walked around and really looked at what students from kindergarten through fifth grade had done. Because the cut-out collages above were framed, the sunshine from the courtyard windows reflected off of the glass. You can faintly see my shadow taking the photographs with my little digital camera. Taking photos is something I am often doing-- at home, at school, at work, at church, or walking the dog.

This week I have re-vamped what was my first attempt at blogging that never got off of the ground. So, yes, I now have three blogs! My Art Smart Parents blog will be used to document and reflect upon ways that parents of students at Casey Elementary support and enhance arts integration. Tiger Tales is where I document what happens in "my library" with students at St. Therese Catholic School. This blog is the catch-all for everything else, and it is my response to turning 40 and wanting to make sure that I live the next 40 to the fullest.

So, why am I doing all of this? It does take up a significant chunk of time, and I may not always be as disciplined as I have been lately. But, I have created a rhythm of taking photographs as I am inspired, reflecting upon what has happened in the many aspects of daily life, downloading and uploading photographs while I transition from community life to home, and using the activity of blogging to be more intentional about what it is that is important in this life. And, I am finding that it feeds my creativity, connects me to people who care about similar things, and makes my life richer in ways that I didn't expect.

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