Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Carpool knitting and thinking

On some days, this is the only time during the day that I am able to knit-- either sitting in a carpool line or passing time while a child is at ballet, choir, or some other activity. I try to remember to keep a portable project with me always for these little windows of time.

These times are also good for reflection, dreaming, and planning, and there is always so much to think about. Yesterday, when on the way to pick up my son from school, I had an idea for an essay I would like to try to write about how the lives my children have in school have changed and are changing my life. More later.

The practice of blogging is giving me the courage to think, say, write, imagine, and do.

As I have started tentatively sharing with more and more people about my blogs, I am often asked, "Where do you find the time? How do you have time to knit, sew, and upload all of those photos, and then write about it, too?'

Well, I can't say that my house is the cleanest or most organized, but it passes. I'm lucky enough to work "outside the home" half-time. I don't watch much TV. I multitask a lot. I don't go shopping very often. As my husband says, "People make time for what is important to them." I make time for this. Other people make time for gardening, or working out in the gym, or going to football games. We all have interests and passions.

But, blogging, knitting, sewing, doing art with my children or students, reading with my children or students-- all of this informs my evolving sense of vocation. I'm not sure that I could put a label on it. But, I know that it all feels right, and that it is all linked together.

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Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

This all sounds very much like me! I don't mind the carpool line. :)