Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today, I read a wonderful book, Riding to Washington by Gwenyth Swaim, about the March on Washington to first through second graders. I read the same book last week to third through sixth graders. I tied it to the inauguration by talking about the many obvious parallels.

Looking out at twenty fidgety bodies and eager faces, I was humbled to realize the tremendous responsibility and power that I have as a teacher to shape young minds who know little about what came before this amazing inauguration day. And, because I teach four-year-old students through sixth graders, I am privileged to have this conversation about the intersection of history with the present day and our future with students who, year by year, increase their knowledge and depth of understanding. Through the questions and thoughts of my students, I am equally aware of and humbled by how much I am daily transformed. My own understanding grows and is shaped by my students, other teachers, and my own children.

My hope for the future certainly springs from young minds and their passion for life. I cherish being in a vibrant learning community, and I can't imagine that I ever wanted to be anything other than a teacher.

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mrs. misenar said...

my day did get better...my mama is here...and it was nice just sitting...listening to music...and drinking coffee. but 3 hours in traffic is no fun!

you are such a sweet lady! thanks for being YOU!