Sunday, January 4, 2009

Raindrops and light

Just when I thought the sun would not shine yesterday, it did. I looked out of my bedroom window and saw heavy raindrops glistening on the Japanese maple tree.

Today, the children rehearse for the Feast of Lights celebration tomorrow night at church. Shepherds, angels, and wise men will take over the nave, and the evening will conclude with the burning of the greens. Our own tree is still up all the way through Epiphany. I will take it down on Wednesday on my mid-week day-off while the children are in school. This Christmastide is winding down. I return to work tomorrow for lesson planning, cleaning-out, and catching up on loose-ends.

It has been a full, rich Christmas season. Two birthday parties, holiday celebrations, lots of sewing, knitting, painting, putting together, walking, cooking, visiting with family, movie watching, and playing. In our family this time of year is saturated with celebration. Epiphany is also my husband's birthday (shhhh- he turns 40 this year). I still have one more cake to bake!
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Sarah Campbell said...

Wow! A drop of water. I had such a hard time when I tried to capture a drop of water. I love this photo.

intelligence said...
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