Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shadows and my skirt

The first photo is the shadow of the Japanese Maple whose leaves are drying up and slowly shriveling into the soil.

This morning, I re-made my skirt by cutting off the first fold-over elastic waistband, putting on another, and shortening and evening out the hem. It is much better. I thought about it all night from 12:50 am until about 3:30 am or so when I may have fallen asleep again. I even went to the computer at 2:00 am to see if I could find any extra help from an online video tutorial about skirt-making. I'm proud to say that I figured it out sometime in the early morning hours.

The photo above was taken "pre re-do," but I like the way the shadows from the window frame intersected with my shoes, the carpet, and my skirt. There hasn't been sufficient sunlight today for such a photo with the new version of the skirt. I am slowly learning through my mistakes with the new/old Pfaff machine and appreciating the act of designing and creating something that is uniquely mine.
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Sarah Campbell said...

Oh, Julie, this is serious. Up in the night at the sewing machine? I was curious to see the skirt. I hope you'll post a photo of the new, improved version.