Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Eve

I'm not going to the inauguration, but I will be with students at St. Therese Catholic School tomorrow watching and listening and seeing history through their eyes. Mine will probably be full of tears.

I'll be wearing my "inauguration skirt." Yes, I made a skirt today to commemorate the event. I used the bias-cut pattern that I made for my first skirt, but I added a little length. And, I added the detail of a bias tape hem that I made from some contrasting fabric (it took f o r e v e r ). I also cut another skirt out of that fabric for another day.

Lest you think I have given up knitting, I made an "inauguration dishcloth" over the weekend. How domestic of me!

In the mood for red yarn and not having anything red on an UFO (un-finished object), I started it while watching Battlestar Gallactica (4th season) on Saturday night . Then, I made the bulk of it while listening to a talk about MLK at church on Sunday morning, and later, while watching the pre-inauguration concert at the Lincoln Memorial. How many times did my eyes fill up with tears? Too many times to count. My children made fun of me.

While I probably didn't have the new administration on my mind with every stitch of either project, I did have the future president and this intersection of our future and our history on my mind and heart a lot.

Peace be with you, Mr. Obama. Peace be with you.

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