Monday, June 15, 2009

For My Son

My son found this caterpillar on our parsley plant. Do you see it at the top of the leaf munching holes through my parsley? He went outside during the heat of the day and decided to look for it. We knew that we might have caterpillars on the parsley, because we have had them before in years past when my parsley has been decimated to the ground. I have since learned that the caterpillars may become black swallowtail butterflies. As soon as my son found it, he wanted to "Google" some photos. We came up with these amazing photos of the life-cycle of a black swallowtail. We moved this little guy, named "Foxer," into the container that we used for our monarch rearing.

It has been a fun few days with my son. While his older sister has been at camp, he has been an only child for a few days. We have taken walks together, read together, worked together, swam together, sewed together, and made some blueberry jam together. I have a prophecy that he may be "Nature Guy" at camp someday because he is infinitely curious about all things nature. For now, however, I can enjoy little "nature guy," his many questions ("How does an egg get fertilized?" he asked while eating his boiled egg at dinner tonight), and his caterpillar project at home.

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Sarah Campbell said...

We did that one year. I'll try to track down the photographs. Douglas held the butterfly a few seconds while its wings dried. We were all amazed.

Julie Nolte Owen said...

I would love to see your photos!