Sunday, June 28, 2009

Follow the Log Cabin Road

My sister left to return to her home in Arkansas this morning with her daughter. We had a great time visiting and letting "the cousins" play together. Last Thanksgiving, we started a new tradition of making things together during our visits now that the children are older. Back in November, we made bird ornaments, block prints, and p.j.'s for my son's dolls to get ready for Christmas. We did some of the crafting with the children, but the best crafting was what we did with each other.

This visit, we pieced log cabin squares for pillows (or wall-hangings) in our respective houses. She even brought her sewing machine with her with the expectation that we would be at the dining room table. I made the two in the middle photo (she made 3-- maybe because she was only interrupted by one child as opposed to my two!).

We used this tutorial, but I'm not sure that either one of us got "wonky" enough. Our strips were cut slightly wider than the tutorial at 3 and 1/2 inches. Next block, I'm going to "let go" a little more.

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