Thursday, June 11, 2009

Squash Seedling

I'm hooked on growing plants from seeds. It's official. How many times per day do I check the little red wagon in the front yard to monitor the progress of my sprouts and seedlings? Several. Every time I come and go from the house.

This is a yellow squash plant. Even if I'm planting it too late, I have marveled at its germination. The first photo shows the seed leaves. The second photo reveals the seed casing stuck in the soil. The third photo shows the tiny, white roots reaching through the bottom.

Yesterday, I spent part of my day gardening with children at Casey Elementary. We made hand-made field journals, shared some of our freshly picked blueberries, and read books about plants. I'm dreaming and planning of ways to incorporate some of these experiences into my library at St. Therese Catholic School. It's tangible. It's fun. It's relevant. It's science. It's observation. It's research. It's creative. It's passionate. Oh, the possibilities. . .

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Angela said...

Gardening is addictive...and rewarding...and relaxing. I, too, check seedlings frequently and am always anxious for the first sign of fruit (or veggie). Sadly, our garden is resting this year so I guess the local farmer's market will have suffice.