Thursday, June 4, 2009

Turkey Twilight

I took an early evening walk yesterday as the sun was starting to disappear and filter through the trees at beautiful angles. Dinner was about 20 to 30 minutes away, and as is often the case in summer with the children home, my daily walk doesn't always happen. I laced up my walking shoes and made my exit.

Down the hill and around the bend, the one-footed, neighborhood turkey was out looking for his/her? own dinner. I had seen this turkey once before a few months ago at a similar time of day and heard about it through our neighborhood e-mail list, but I was surprised that she was still around. I raced home to get my camera and the children so that they could see. Turkeys in urban neighborhoods are not that common!

After getting the children to bed, I stepped back outside to see the moon shining through the live oak in our front yard and the lamp light glowing through the front doorway windows. I've always loved walking in the early evening, peering into the glows of other houses from the street to see what people are doing by their own lamp lights. Eating dinner? Watching TV? Sewing at the dining room table? Having a party? Reading a book? Blogging about a turkey?

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